Tree Questions

What does it cost to remove or trim a tree?

It is not a fair practice to estimate tree work over the phone, there are so many situations that change the job. Different enviroments, hazards and what equipment should be brought out, all dictate the price of the job.

Does it cost money for an estimate?

All estimates are free in Brandon. The only time we charge is when the estimate is out of town or when a formal evaluation of the property is done by a Certified Arborist.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, We are fully insured and licensed to perform work. We will provide a certificare of insurance upon request. We are also COR certified ( which means we carry a national safety program)

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept cash, cheque, e-transfers and all credit cards. You can send a cheque to 417 Franklin ST, Brandon, MB R7A 5P6. You can make a credit card payment online through our Jobber client hub. You may also leave payment with our crew after the job is completed. We will not ask for payment till the work is complete.

Do you haul away all logs and branches?

Yes, Most of the time we remove all debris from our work site. You may speak to our estimator about us leaving firewood behind.

My tree came down in a storm, I dont know what to do?

Please go to our home page and click the emergency button.

Can anyone work on my trees?

Without proper training an inexperienced person can cause property damage and personal injury. They can also damage the tree with inproper trimming.

What are the benefits of having trees on my property?

We love trees. There are lots of benefits of having trees on your property. Just a couple would be that trees combat climate change, they provide oxygen, trees cool our yards and prevent soil erosion. Trees block sounds and they increase property values.

Is my tree sick ?

Well.... Its hard to say without doing an inspection. Often tree issues are environmental or are difficult to diagnose because some ailments have similar symptoms. The best solution is to contact our tree specialist to get an accurate diagnosis.

What equipment will be used?

Depends on the job and accessibility. We have the ability to climb and use aerial equipment. We will pick what is best for the safety of the job and the best for the yard.

Should I save my tree?

We can tell you if your tree can be saved or an alternate solution is necessary.

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