The Family

John and Sheila have two families; The Family and the Gontree Family. They are the proud parents of three fantastic children; Gavin, Zachary and Trinity and both play an active role in helping them, to each grow up to be the best people they can be.  They love spending time with their kids and do believe that life is about taking the time to be with the people you love.

Aka “Boss!”

John is the founder of Gontree Tree Services and is a registered Arborist.  He holds various levels of certifications related to both pesticide and herbicide applications. 

John is passionate about conserving and enhancing natural assets within the urban and rural environment and has assisted a diverse range of both private and public-sector organizations to develop their capacity for urban forest stewardship.  He and his wife Sheila, have built their company to assist people in being able to capture the beauty of nature, through the care and preservation of their trees and shrubs, for generations to come.

John has a Business Diploma and strives to be not only a great employer, but a supportive and engaged business owner in the communities they serve, “I believe in my people and want the best for all involved, that way everyone will succeed together.”

Aka “Bopper”, “Momma Bop”

Sheila, as one of the owners, recognizes that in order for John and the crew to do their very best work, there is a lot of important things that have to happen “in behind the scenes”. She is the person responsible for creating the structure that ensures everyone stays safe, that customer needs are being address and that the business is running efficiently.

Sheila is certified a Certified Safety Representative and Auditor and carries a lot of pride in the tree service she has worked so hard to build, along with John and the team. “Sometimes people forget about the importance trees and shrubs have in beautifying our communities. They are like people; a little investment to help them grow, is always worth the effort, because the payback is immense.”



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