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What the heck is a "BURL"?

I was talking to my parents this morning and my Mom asked me "What the heck is a burl ?". Failing to remember not everyone is a tree geek, I thought a little blog would serve everyone. Mom, are you paying attention?!

A Burl to an Arborist - Or a canker, is a sign that the tree has been stressed and has had to begin the process of compartmentalization for many reasons.

It could be disease, insects, or injury.

The tree goes through a process of CODIT, where is protects itself from the injury by growing around it and actually separating itself from the injury by its cells and making walls to form a reaction zone, it protects from outward decay and yet keeps growing.

A Burl to not a Tree Geek- A large scab or tree wart!

A Burl to a Wood Worker or Turner - IT'S FREAKING GOLD!!

As the tree builds its wall of protection, it grows in many ways and it puts A LOT of energy into the process. ( Dude its saving its own life ). The wood from a burl is dense and hard.

This burl is from a tree removal, No healthy tree was hurt in the process of this burl removal.

Now what's inside of this bad boy that gets everyone so excited...

Well.... this craziness. Its just another surprise !!

Our trees are just wondrous and amazing !!

Watch out for our new online site that will be selling live edge, products made by customers and yep , you guessed it... some crazy burls.

Today's a great day for a great day,

- Sheila Gonty

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