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Professional Arborists -

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Gontree Tree Services



  • Caring for your trees, from start to finish. From root to tip we can help keep your tree in good health.

  • We know trees. We love them, we study them, and we know exactly how to take care of them. We GEEK OUT on TREES.

  • Providing on-site visits from professional and knowledgeable Arborists, for expert opinions.

  • ISA Certified Arborist on staff.



Tree Appraisal Services

Tree appraisal assigns monetary importance to any tree on a site that is indicative of the tree's contribution to the site, especially when construction may affect plants on the property. Basically, an appraisal constitutes developing an opinion of value or cost of a site's landscape elements.


Live Edge

Here at Gontree, while we would prefer to leave trees standing, we also find beauty in those that must come down. Shop our gorgeous live edge pieces, get creative, and turn a tree into something beautiful for your home!

Happy Clients

"To Team Gontree:

My trees look great! Thanks for the pruning.

Thanks and appreciation for your first class service.
Year after year, you provide top notch tree care without surprises.
You do the little things right. I really appreciate your attention to detail and knowledge and experience.
Upwards and Onwards"
~ Phil

I just want to say a big “thank you” once again this morning for the beautiful job you and your crew did to transform my farm home into a masterpiece!  It is a joy to behold! This was Gerald’s home for a few months before he passed, and what a tribute you did for him, and our family!

Please convey my sincerest thanks to your Six man crew - they were so polite, hard working and knowledgeable in each of their duties!  It is refreshing to meet such nice gentlemen.  I heard them laugh and have fun as they were working.  Laughter in these difficult times is music to ones ears!

I wish you and your family more great success in the years ahead.  You have built up a tremendous asset to the community!

~ Dale Van Loo

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