Kind and Brave, This is it....

Because I have never lived through anything like this before, I really don't know what the expectations of Gontree Tree Service/ Rockhouse Construction are. I want to put an ad out to you all saying that it is business as normal.... but its not.

We have many customers that have been with us since the start, after 12 years of a relationship that feels like family. Should I tell you that its OK to spend extra money on things that are not an absolute necessity?

No, I would not....

I want you to have what you need till this is over and done . If we can do anything for you what would it be?

- Extend estimates for 6 months

- A payment plan for emergency work that needs to be done if you are unable to go to your job.

- Finding ways to decrease that job for the time being

And of course work with little to no personal contact

We can and will do all these things


Manitoba has been the only province that has not seen anymore cases of COVID -19 in the last 3 days.

Lets keep it that way

If you need us please call or just call for a chat.

Now Lets talk about the Chat.......

Stay in contact with people... Facetime, call, txt and check up on others.... We need our community to stay in a good mental state. Being kind, brave, feeling like you have done something good are good ways to go about this.

If you need a couple ideas....

Thanks to The Brandon Chamber of

Commerce for putting this out. Once again well done Carolyne, Alix ,Alex and Sam. You have been doing a great job engaging and supporting our business community.

Grab this form here or go to the

Brandon Chamber of Commence Facebook page

One more for today... Expression Entertainment is hosting this today

Check out their Facebook page for " Lets Fill the Trailer " event they have going on today...

This is a copy of their media post. If you can help please do. This is happening today

  1. To arrange pick up or drop off times, please PM us NOW, or call 204-761-5652. We are conducting a food drive for those that are in a bad way now, and will be, thanks to the COVID-19 virus epidemic. Donations will go to Samaritan House, Helping Hands and The Women’s Resource Centre.

  2. This is going to be a horrible time for so many. This is a chance to step up and be a ray of sunshine at this otherwise dark time.

Like Lennon said " Lets come together " ( but not actually together , like 2 meters away ) But lets be kind and brave with each other.

Sheila Gonty


Tree Nerd Wrangler

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